Recruitment fortunes?

With recruitment within early years remaining challenging and the industry becoming an employee’s market, I thought this month’s article I would like to have a “tongue in cheek” look at the top 100 reasons given for failing to show for an interview!

Not family fortunes, but ratio fortunes!

I am sure all providers and managers have a story to tell………..

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone that took the trouble to message and contribute. 

Below are the top ten results:

Grandmother/close family member / close friend suddenly passed away 30%

Accepted another job 22%

Grandmother/close family member / close friend suddenly fell ill 10%

Clashed with a funeral 10%

Decided location was too far 8%

Wrong Nursery 8%

Other reasons 6%

Had to leave the country suddenly due an emergency 4%

Did not have money for travel. 2%

My particular favorite is a young woman missing an interview because she decided to stay in for an Argos delivery (thank you Mat at One call Education.)

On a serious note; Not all applicant applies for and agrees to attend an interview only to then fail to attend for reasons given……..I would be surprised if say 30% of applicants had a sudden bereavement!

So what is going on?

Is it the shortage of candidates to vacancies arising to a employees market?

Does Early years in particular suffers a fluidity in the work force?

The answer is yes and more. Our early years teachers are coveted to perform a huge service in the education and welfare of our youngest and yet, due to the framework, cost and budget huge demands put upon them.

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