Ghosting (yes be afraid!)

We have all done it haven’t we? Even if we never meant to…….Not respond to someone, maybe due to time constraints, forgetfulness……

The rising trend that is ghosting is sadly not about the above,  but something more sinister and insidious that has slowly been rising and bubbling into our work and social lives; simply, you do not wish to communicate with someone so, they no longer exist……no matter how many times that person tried to make contact.

I read many articles about how “employers ghosting” candidates, and the injustice of it all….. However, and in my experience of years of recruitment and having vetted, interviewed  thousands of candidates over the years is that potential employees are more than capable of ghosting new employers.

Is this due to a lack of emotional intelligence? Are we just too busy? Or, something more?

I have always been a “ghost buster” treating others how I expect to be treated so, typically I would persist to contact say, a candidate who failed to show up for an interview.

Once I managed to get through, some would reflect and show  remorse and give a detailed mitigation and ask for another interview.

Only not show up again!

In our modern age of “networking” emails and online, maybe we have started to fray the social bonds that people create whether through work and play. Leading to becoming simply easier to “ghost” and disconnecting with their emotional intelligence; how does your actions make that person feel. Especially if they are pinning their aspirations on a good outcome of the meeting?

Ironically, are we starting to loose key areas of social skills that we work so hard to nurture in early years?

Over the years, I have put together a real practical strategy on how to create better and meaningful attachments within business including, attracting and retaining the right staff members. Empowering and inspiring them to share your vision and ethos.

It really does start off with you and how others perceive you and your possible style of leadership. Do you have scope for further self reflection?

Thank you for your time in reading my article, please feel to add any constructive comments and further debate!