There are an estimated 80,000 childcare providers offering 2.8 million Ofsted registered childcare places (DFE Survey 2018).

In the early 1990s, government spending was less than £100 million in the early years sector. By 2017-18 this had risen to £3 billion on 3-4 years olds alone with further funding for 2 year olds being earmarked for delivery.

Government spending per child was around twice as high in 2017-18 compared to 2004-05 (Institute of Fiscal Studies 2018).

The private childcare industry is worth an estimated £15 billion per year. With a much publicised drive towards placing main carers back to work, alongside consistent year on year growth, now is the time to seriously consider this flourishing industry.

Who we serve

You may be looking to expand your existing business, a lone provider or even looking to expand your current portfolio into a new sector.

We are here to appraise and evaluate the acquisition and work in partnership towards your purchase.

Here’s what we offer…

  • Pre-acquisition appraisals
  • In depth market analysis (London & South East)
  • Post- acquisition strategy
  • Business model plans (to assist securing funding)

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With years of demonstratable experience in setting up childcare settings from scratch, we are uniquely placed and passionate to implement your ethos.

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