“Early years support for providers and managers, supporting you and your organisation for better business and children’s outcomes in Kent and the South East”

Raising standards and outcomes for children, Ofsted focuses on resources meeting needs from the early years framework. Rightly so, emphasis therefore is from child focused performance expectations.

However, proceeding from a fresh angle, we are positioned to understand your needs and aspirations, through your eyes.

From 15 years of research, and personally obtaining the feedback from hundreds of providers/managers, we have found a common thread that is the foundation of our approach.

Unlike other early years consultancies, we reverse engineer the concept of what an early years consultant can offer you and your team.

Putting you at the forefront of targets to be met, to ensure better outcomes within your provision, we understand that supporting YOU is key to a successfully run business.

Good leadership and management not only equal better outcomes for children but alleviate the undeniable unique pressures and stresses of your role as a leader.

Let us support you and discuss your current concerns within your setting to empower and enable you to run a thriving early years business.