Too busy running your setting to even entertain such jargon?

Don’t worry, we completely understand that pressure to meet good or better outcomes for children equals the business side of your organisation getting overlooked and being put at risk. 

That’s where we step in. 

With decades of experience working with small start-ups through to large organisations, in helping to trouble shoot and problem solve issues with fees, cash flow and administrative obligations we put in place a long-term strategy to deliver an early years business with a strong, structured model that strives for excellence. 

Together let us focus on better cashflow, faster fee collection and streamline your admin to ensure an overall robust setting.

  • Audit and structure your business
  • Help putting in place your business plan or strengthening your current model
  • Profit and loss audit
  • Cashflow and forecasting
  • Appraise and value your business so you know what it is worth
  • Set up an efficient fee collection system including NEG grants
You may be a charitable organisation or a multi chain setting, but one key factor determines how your business thrives. 

We strongly believe your early years business model is the foundation of your setting and yet words like ‘business’ and ‘profit’ are avoided in this sector because many providers feel the early years objectives dominate, leaving KPI’s and your USP lagging behind